Vintage Sheet Skirt Tutorial – with vintage doily pockets!

Today I'm so thrilled to be a part of Skirt Week at Crafterhours. There's so much fun going on over there - lots of amazing tutorials and oh, the prizes! Here's the deal, friends. I'm in a super awkward wardrobe phase. If you've birthed a baby, you know this stage. The I-don't-fit-into-maternity-clothes-but-my-regular-clothes-don't-fit-and-my-body-shape-is-super-weird phase. [if you're … Continue reading Vintage Sheet Skirt Tutorial – with vintage doily pockets!


A 30 Minute Spring Wreath: a tutorial at Simple Homemade

Today I've got a tutorial over at Simple Homemade that is quick and easy and will give you a super fun addition to your spring decor. So click over to Simple Homemade to get the full how-to!  

Flowery Tunic and Polka Dot Bows

Yes, I'm still continuing with my posts of my handmade Christmas gifts! I never want to ruin the surprise by blogging them ahead of time. My sweet niece Hazel [how cute is she?!] is just two months older than my youngest. This works out well for outfit sewing, since I had a pretty good idea … Continue reading Flowery Tunic and Polka Dot Bows

Vintage Sheet turned Pillow

For years now I've been saying I need new pillows in our living room. I've been using the ones that came with our couch - you know, the ones that have the exact same fabric as the couch. Brown. Pretty sure that's reason number sixteen million why my home will not be featured in any … Continue reading Vintage Sheet turned Pillow

Thrifted Vintage Sheets [and endless possibilities!]

I am a thrifter. Truth be told, I like thrifting much better than shopping at a "regular" store. I love a good deal, and I l.o.v.e. to create new life from something discarded. These vintage lovelies are my most recent finds. That blue one? Totally in love. That bottom one is actually a bunch of … Continue reading Thrifted Vintage Sheets [and endless possibilities!]

Simple Hair Band Flowers: a Tutorial

Alright, last-minute-gift-makers... here's another easy gift for you to make today. ┬áThis one is super fun, and can be done while you're watching your favorite Christmas movie or even riding in the car. ┬áSimple hair band flowers, made from jersey knit or even T-shirt scraps.   1. Cut three circles of your knit or T-shirt … Continue reading Simple Hair Band Flowers: a Tutorial