When pajama pants make you feel successful..

I know I'm not alone when I say that getting to my sewing machine these days is work. Sometimes life takes over and babies don't sleep and two-year-olds dump out every box in the cupboard and your sewing table becomes the catch-all for everything. But when days like that come, pajama pants will rescue you. … Continue reading When pajama pants make you feel successful..


Life Lately [instagram edition]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello, lovelies! It's a rainy Wisconsin day, so I'm anticipating a lovely afternoon of sewing. That's one of the things I looove about rainy days - no guilt about staying inside! Do you follow me on Instagram?? I'm kind of an IG junkie. Lots of adventures to follow along with … Continue reading Life Lately

Baby + Baby Pants

Well, apparently blogging [or doing anything, actually] with three kids + a newborn is not easy. Slowly but surely, though, we are getting into some kind of routine. Sewing and blogging are making their way back into the mix... with the help of coffee. Lots of coffee. Remember the baby pants tutorial? They're getting good … Continue reading Baby + Baby Pants

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. [pop over to Soule Mama to link up your Friday moment too]

The Wait is Over!

You may have noticed that the blog has been a little quiet this week. Well, I'd like to introduce you to the reason. Meet Reid. Last Monday night, he made his way into the world. He has completed our family in a way we didn't know possible. He is snuggly and smells of baby loveliness … Continue reading The Wait is Over!

Getting Ready for Baby: Cloth Wipes and Burp Cloths

If you've had a baby or seen a baby before... ever... you know that babies make a lot of messes. And usually at the times that are the most inconvenient [like when you're sitting in church or cleaning the house for guests to come over]. So some of the obvious baby prep for me was … Continue reading Getting Ready for Baby: Cloth Wipes and Burp Cloths

These Days…

Today I'm 36 weeks. I'm oh-so-large and uncomfortable and ready to bring this little boy into our family. These days are moving slowly. I'm moving slowly. Our mornings have been sweet, and the boys have stayed in their jammies a little longer than usual. I'm savoring their snuggles and their smiles, knowing that my hands will … Continue reading These Days…

Busy, busy, busy…

I have been busy, preparing for a few awesome series that I'm super excited to join this year. Plus I've been doing some pattern testing. And, you know, growing a tiny human. And there's that whole, spending quality time with my boys before baby comes thing. We're reading books about babies and talking about what will happen … Continue reading Busy, busy, busy…

A Day in the Life…

Today both Simply Rebekah and Simple Homeschool are inviting readers to share what a day looks like in their life. The other day I took some pictures and decided to play along, so you could get a little peek into life at our house. 7am... I try really hard to get up before the kids, … Continue reading A Day in the Life…

One Word for 2013

I've never been big on resolutions. I talked about that a bit last year when I posted a list of things I hoped for 2012. I've just never been one to keep to something for too long... a workout plan, a devotional, a cleaning schedule. After awhile, I just fizzle out. So this year, I … Continue reading One Word for 2013