One Word for 2013

I’ve never been big on resolutions. I talked about that a bit last year when I posted a list of things I hoped for 2012. I’ve just never been one to keep to something for too long… a workout plan, a devotional, a cleaning schedule. After awhile, I just fizzle out.

So this year, I decided to give the “One Word” concept a whirl. The idea is that you choose one word that you focus on throughout the year – a word that kind of guides your thoughts and actions.


Here’s what I really like about it… it’s not a list of resolutions or hopes or goals. It’s something that I hope will challenge me to really look at my daily behaviors. And then hopefully I can listen to how the Holy Spirit is guiding me to change.

So my word for the year is:


I feel like I can go through my days being fairly unintentional. And while I like that in some aspects [I’ve never been one to enjoy a rigid schedule!], it can backfire in other ways. So here’s how I want to be intentional this year…

  • with my husband.. spending time together where we’re not wiping butts and noses.
  • with my boys.. really looking at how they appreciate time spent with me, and pouring into their lives in specific, prayerful ways.
  • prayer.. being more intentional about spending time talking to the Father. And listening.
  • simplifying.. really intentionally choosing things for our home and choosing things that need to be purged, so our house isn’t filled with “stuff.”
  • how I spend my time.. with a new baby coming into our family, I know I’ll have even less time to spare. I want to be intentional about spending my time wisely – it’s so easy to just waste time with things that don’t really matter.
  • spending money.. I’ve let myself have a few too many impulse buys lately. Really, do I need every super cute thing that Target comes out with? [want? sure. need? not so much.]
  • rest.. I’m not good at this. I have a hard time sitting and doing nothing, even when my body needs it. I need to intentionally plan time to rest.

Those are what comes to mind right now… there’s so much that being Intentional applies to. And there are definitely some repeats from last year. Obviously I’m still a work in progress. I just hope I can kind of keep this word in the back of my head as I go about my days, and let the Lord use it in whatever way He chooses.

There are some other lovelies that are sharing their One Word for 2013 too… pop over and give them some love too, would you?

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If you have a word for this year, will you share it with me in the comments? And share a link if you’ve blogged about it. I’d love to read about it.

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  1. I’m giving this a swing this year too. I feel the same way about resolutions. I’m choosing patience. With more than one toddler and a busy schedule sometimes I want everything to just hurry up and… There are a number of areas of my life that I stopped and thought if I could just add a little more quiet patience to my life everyone would be calmer and happier.

  2. Great word! I definitely could work harder at being present and intentional. Sometimes I feel guilty when I say no to things, but I need to reframe that thought into: I am intentially choosing something better! :) Thanks Jess!

    1. yes, i think so much of what we do is all about how we frame our thinking! i’ve gotten so much better at saying no to things that take me out of my house. maybe too good… ;)

  3. this is a fantastic idea. i’m SO not into the whole “make and break” resolutions cycle, but this i can get excited about. i’m thinking “uplift” or “uplifting” as my word for this year. i want to be uplifting for the people around me…family, kids, friends, church members.
    i was wondering who designed the word of the year square thingie above? i’d like to print it out for my fridge!

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