When Motherhood Isn’t What You Expected 

Anytime you bring a new baby home, your life is going to change. Most of those changes are so, so good. And many are just as difficult. But babies grow and (eventually) sleep through the night, and what was hard yesterday isn't so hard today. So when we brought home baby boy five, I expected … Continue reading When Motherhood Isn’t What You Expected 

Something New is Coming….

Or rather, someone. ;) This October we will be welcoming baby number five into our home! We are so excited to bring this new little miracle into the world. We'll be finding out the baby's gender later this month, but I'll refer you to this post if you're wondering my thoughts on possibly having a fifth … Continue reading Something New is Coming….

Finding the Lovely in the Chaos

Motherhood is a chaotic business. Each day is filled with noise, lots of messes, and countless challenges. The days can be monotonous and exhausting. When faced with all the chaos, sometimes it can feel anything but lovely. Some days it's easier just to focus on the challenges. To simply clean up the messes, change the … Continue reading Finding the Lovely in the Chaos

An Ordinary Day in the Life

Last week, I woke with a long day ahead of me. My husband was out of town and the dangerously cold temperatures were going to keep us cooped up inside all day. I was faced with a choice: I could watch the hours drag on or I could capture the moments of the day, monotonous and … Continue reading An Ordinary Day in the Life

No, I’m not “trying for a girl” (thoughts on being a boy mama)

I have four boys. When most people hear this or see me with my four handsome little men in tow, they say something to the effect of "So, are you going to try for a girl?!" Now, I'm sure everyone means well when they say this. Most of them say this because they have a daughter or have … Continue reading No, I’m not “trying for a girl” (thoughts on being a boy mama)

Why Creativity Matters to Motherhood

I come across a lot of people who are astonished that I sew. Sometimes they're amazed because they think sewing is a hard skill to learn (it's not!). Usually, though, they're baffled that I can find the time. They see me with my four kids, homeschooling, and they say - "Wow, how do you do it all??" … Continue reading Why Creativity Matters to Motherhood

Why I’m not waiting for perfect anymore

I find myself buying fewer and fewer pieces of clothing for myself, because I look at them and think "surely I can just make this for myself instead!" But the thing is, I've been saying that for a long time. And I keep holding back, waiting... To find the perfect pattern. To be done breastfeeding. … Continue reading Why I’m not waiting for perfect anymore

Blogging an Imperfect Life

Have you ever visited a blog and thought to yourself, "Wow. Her house is always so perfectly clean!" or "She is such an amazing seamstress/DIYer, she never makes any mistakes!" or "Holy cow, her food always looks amaaaayyyzing!" Yeah, me too. I'll admit, sometimes that makes me annoyed. Because you know that can't all be … Continue reading Blogging an Imperfect Life

What not sewing for KCW looks like…

I love Kids Clothes Week for a lot of reasons. Each time I've participated, I've had varying degrees of success. Sometimes I've cranked garments out and had awesome results. Other times I've gotten really cozy with my seam ripper. This year I set my expectations pretty low, and while I sewed up the Study Hall … Continue reading What not sewing for KCW looks like…

Forty Toes

There are forty little toes in my house. That's not a small number.There's a lot of time put into caring for these precious little bodies. Some days it feels easier than others... though any parent will tell you that it's never actually easy. Parenting comes in seasons ... the exhausting, sleepless, just-give-me-one-moment-to-myself-please ones and the … Continue reading Forty Toes