Safari Kudzu Coveralls

It's no surprise how much I love the Kudzu Coveralls pattern, from Sew Like My Mom. I've made them as both pants and a dress, and there's pretty much no end to my Kudzu love. These pants were supposed to be for Easter. You know, in April. But then the kids got hit by some … Continue reading Safari Kudzu Coveralls


Turtle Kudzu Coveralls

Recntly, some blogging friends and I decided it would be fun to surprise our friend Melissa from Sew Like My Mom with a pattern tour, because we think she's super awesome and her patterns are crazy fab. Also, surprises are really fun. :) I absolutely love sewing overalls for my boys - because really, how cute is a little … Continue reading Turtle Kudzu Coveralls

Lullaby Line Pattern Tour: overalls and bodysuit review [and a giveaway!]

Today I'm joining up with the Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop lullaby line tour! I've blogged about many Peek-a-boo patterns in the past [Coastal Craze shorts and Lazy Day rompers here, the Classic Oxford here, just to name a few], and I haven't met one I didn't like. The Lullaby Line is no exception. I sewed up … Continue reading Lullaby Line Pattern Tour: overalls and bodysuit review [and a giveaway!]

Handmade from Head to Toe [a new outfit]

Even though we're in the midst of the Boys Will Be Boys... gift series [which I'm totally loving, by the way - I hope you are too!], I decided to break from the tutorial posts. If you are a sewing mama, you might be with me when I say that sometimes, you just have to … Continue reading Handmade from Head to Toe [a new outfit]

Comfy Overalls – the Naptime Pants!

Little boys wearing overalls. Seriously, can it get any cuter? Well, he is my kid, so I'm probably biased. But the one problem I have with overalls is that most of them are denim with all these buckles and whatnot - which aren't always super comfortable for baby taking a nap. [and a no-napping baby … Continue reading Comfy Overalls – the Naptime Pants!

Sweater-alls: Take Two!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall some sweater overalls that I made for my now two-year-old.  I really loved them on him, and they were such a super quick upcycling project. So I thought I'd make some for the baby this time around! Yes, I do realize that I just … Continue reading Sweater-alls: Take Two!


I have had these in my mind, ever since I saw this picture. I picked up this sweater on a thrift store outing, knowing that it would be perfect. I used an existing pair of overalls as my pattern, and it was a super quick project. When thinking about how to finish the edges, my … Continue reading Sweater-alls