Handmade from Head to Toe [a new outfit]

Even though we’re in the midst of the Boys Will Be Boys… gift series [which I’m totally loving, by the way – I hope you are too!], I decided to break from the tutorial posts.


If you are a sewing mama, you might be with me when I say that sometimes, you just have to sew for your littles.


Even if that means letting your toddler rip apart your scrap bin so that you can do it.


But when you come out on the other side, and you have an outfit that is pretty much exactly what you had in mind, it’s worth every second of clean up.


With some tweaking of my overall pattern, I made these pants with soft, comfortable grey corduroy [that I’ve used before on these pants].


The pants are fully lined with this fabulous fabric.


He’s wearing the shoes I made from the pattern I shared this morning. Once again, he thought they were not worthy of photographing. I disagreed, but you know how it is arguing with a 16 month old.

DSCF7107At least the shoes are nice to look at, even when they’re not on baby feet.

DSCF7132The shirt is upcycled from a men’s XXL T-shirt snagged on clearance at Target. I modified the Lil’ Long Johns pattern to make the tee, since I really liked the fit. [ironically, the shirt I upcycled for those PJs was also found at Target on clearance… I scored the mother load of XXL T-shirts that day]

DSCF7114Hooray for new outfits!

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  1. Wait, you mean to tell me that cutie patootie shirt was made from a MEN’S shirt? An XXL at that? You are talented, chica. I suddenly want to learn to sew.

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