You Are My Sunshine

Awhile back, I was totally and completely shocked to wake up to an email telling me I had won a … Continue reading You Are My Sunshine

Earth Day Challenge: No More Paper!

For quite a few years now, I've been trying hard to reduce our carbon footprint, be more environmentally conscious, and … Continue reading Earth Day Challenge: No More Paper!

Quick Upcycled Tee

Oh, spring.  I have been waiting and waiting for you.  Thank you for finally showing up in the midwest.  It … Continue reading Quick Upcycled Tee

Maternity Pants!

Yes, there comes a day when maternity pants are a must.  That day has looong since arrived with this baby! … Continue reading Maternity Pants!

A Belated Birthday Gift

Last week, the most wonderful thing came in the mail.  My new serger!  This belated birthday present (belated only because … Continue reading A Belated Birthday Gift