10 Things to Sew for Baby from a Flannel Sheet

We're in full-on baby prep mode over here, and I always have a few projects I want to sew before baby arrives. So when Dana of Sew Thrifty invited me to be a part of her Thrifty Baby Celebration, it made perfect sense to participate! I love to upcycle, and baby clothes and accessories are PERFECT for … Continue reading 10 Things to Sew for Baby from a Flannel Sheet


Getting Ready for Baby: Cloth Wipes and Burp Cloths

If you've had a baby or seen a baby before... ever... you know that babies make a lot of messes. And usually at the times that are the most inconvenient [like when you're sitting in church or cleaning the house for guests to come over]. So some of the obvious baby prep for me was … Continue reading Getting Ready for Baby: Cloth Wipes and Burp Cloths

Healthy Living eBook Bundle – AKA super awesome books for super cheap!

As many of you oh-so-loyal readers know, one of the things that I'm pretty passionate about [read: passionate, not perfect!] and have blogged about numerous times is living a healthy and natural lifestyle. This is a journey that I've been on for awhile now, with a huge focus in my house on wasting less and … Continue reading Healthy Living eBook Bundle – AKA super awesome books for super cheap!

Sweater-alls: Take Two!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall some sweater overalls that I made for my now two-year-old.  I really loved them on him, and they were such a super quick upcycling project. So I thought I'd make some for the baby this time around! Yes, I do realize that I just … Continue reading Sweater-alls: Take Two!

You Are My Sunshine

Awhile back, I was totally and completely shocked to wake up to an email telling me I had won a Silhouette SD from the Tatertots and Jello blog! These machines are amazing.  They are cutting machines that cut... well, everything.  I finally had the chance to give it a try.  And I just might be in … Continue reading You Are My Sunshine

Charlie Tunic Pattern Review!

I am in LOVE with this pattern. I had the honor of pattern testing the Charlie Tunic for Made by Rae. She will soon be releasing this pattern - and you need to RUN over to get it.  Or, um, click over to her site really quickly... anyway, it is a must have. I tend to be … Continue reading Charlie Tunic Pattern Review!

Simple Upcycled Maternity Shirt

In my quest to spruce up my maternity wardrobe, I did a super quick upcycle of a regular T-shirt to make it maternity. This tee began as a two sizes too large thrifted find (the same style I would normally buy from Target), and with a little added ruching to the sides, became a more … Continue reading Simple Upcycled Maternity Shirt

Maternity Pants Tutorial

Well, I said it was coming, and here it is!  An under the belly maternity pants tutorial! First, you will need a pair of pants that fit you well - at least, mostly. I picked up these jeans at a thrift store, and like the brown pants I posted about the other day, they fit perfectly, … Continue reading Maternity Pants Tutorial

Maternity Pants!

Yes, there comes a day when maternity pants are a must.  That day has looong since arrived with this baby!  It is truly amazing how quickly a third baby pops out.  I have a mega problem with maternity pants - they are always too big.  Even in the third trimester.  Because maternity pants are made … Continue reading Maternity Pants!

Upcycled and [Nearly] No Sew Playmat!

If you read my blog around Christmas time, you may remember my goal to have an Upcycled Christmas.  One thing that I made, but never posted pictures of, was a playmat for my boys.  Since both of them love cars, this playmat has turned out to be a winner in our house! The large gray … Continue reading Upcycled and [Nearly] No Sew Playmat!