Hack a Full Zip Pattern into a Half Zip

Today I have an easy tutorial for hacking a full zip sweatshirt pattern into a half zip. I used the Zippy Jacket (affiliate link) from Blank Slate Patterns, as this post was originally posted for the Blank Slate Sewing Team, but you can do this to any zip-up pattern. I originally had no plans to modify this … Continue reading Hack a Full Zip Pattern into a Half Zip


KCWC: Geometric Tees

After sewing pants and a shirt for my oldest, my two-year-old said to me, "Where's my shirt, Mommy?" And when a child asks for handmade clothing, who am I to deny him? Using a men's thrifted T-shirt [made out of the SOFTEST material ever in life], I managed to make two shirts - one for … Continue reading KCWC: Geometric Tees

Thrifted Vintage Sheets [and endless possibilities!]

I am a thrifter. Truth be told, I like thrifting much better than shopping at a "regular" store. I love a good deal, and I l.o.v.e. to create new life from something discarded. These vintage lovelies are my most recent finds. That blue one? Totally in love. That bottom one is actually a bunch of … Continue reading Thrifted Vintage Sheets [and endless possibilities!]