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Make a Waterproof Bag Tutorial
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Make a Waterproof Bag Tutorial

Waterproof bags are helpful to have around. They’re great for camping trips, pool or beach days, or for carrying wet clothes when you have potty training kiddos. My husband is headed out on a canoeing trip, so I…

14 Projects to Make with Fabric Scraps
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14 Projects to Make with Fabric Scraps

Some days my scrap bins make me feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a hoarders episode. But it feels so wasteful to throw away pieces of fabric that are still big enough to be used for…

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15 Minute Pencil or Make-Up Pouch Tutorial

With school starting again, your kiddos are probably in need of a place to keep all their school supplies. Even homeschoolers like us need a spot to stash our pencils and markers. Don’t have kids in school? This zipper…


DIY Boxy Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Zipper pouches are perfect for basically everything… and a boxy pouch that can stand up? Better than perfect. It’s easily a naptime sew (you know how I love those), so let’s get making! Supplies: outer fabric lining fabric zipper…


Personalize a bridal shower gift

Last month, my sweet sister-in-law had a bridal shower, in anticipation of her fall wedding. I wanted to purchase her some necessities from her registry, but I also wanted to add a personal touch to her gift. So…

I Will Make: Because She’s Worth it!

When Andrea from The Train to Crazy and Go To Patterns emailed me about an exciting idea she had, I could not wait to get involved. Andrea has joined up with a group [] that is raising money…