Personalize a bridal shower gift


Last month, my sweet sister-in-law had a bridal shower, in anticipation of her fall wedding. I wanted to purchase her some necessities from her registry, but I also wanted to add a personal touch to her gift.personalize a bridal shower gift with embroidery

So I made a quick zipper pouch with brown linen, and embroidered her soon-to-be married name on the front.


She can toss her wedding make up in there or throw it in her purse for her honeymoon. Or just stare at it and imagine how she will soon be a Mrs. I so remember how that felt to see my married name for the first time! :)DSC_0306Throw it in a cute basket with some registry items: bathroom rug, hand towels, etc. and you have a personal and functional gift!

Happy sewing, friends!


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  1. WHAT A FAB PERSONALIZED GIFT: a cosmetic bag sewn from lovely linen & embroidered in gold with the bride’s “NEW” Mrs. name! Certainly practical for your sister’s wedding shower gift, yet this small bag is special . . . along with other gifts from her bridal registry. THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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