Travel Sewing Kit

I love to take little sewing projects with me. Are you like that? I like to be productive when I know I might have some down time: in the car, when we go visiting family, sitting at an appointment by myself [ha! like that really ever happens…]

But up until recently, I’ve been carrying my sewing around with me in a ziploc bag. Seriously. Did you know that needles poke through ziploc bags? Yeah…. they definitely do.

So when I came across this travel soap box [in a random box of stuff from high school – it was keeping all those notes company – you know, the ones where my friends and I went on and on about boys and whatnot] I knew I had found the perfect little box for a travel sewing kit.

All it needed was a few supplies: a needle, some embroidery thread, bobbins [because they’re smaller than big spools of thread], some pins, and a small pair of scissors [these are manicure scissors… not ideal, to be honest, but they’re the only small scissors I have right now!]

See? Perfect!

There’s even room to throw in a small project, like some pre-cut circles, elastic, and hairbands for making some of these flowers.

Here’s to not sticking yourself with needles while sewing on the go!

**Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! It ends tomorrow!**

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