Honeycomb Tombs: an album review [p.s. the album is free]

I crave music that speaks to my soul. Is that true for you? When life throws its junk at me, I turn to music to help my heart heal. I find a song or an album that I listen to over and over, letting the words wash over me, like a salve on my wounds.

Karla Adolphe is a beautiful and gifted artist who knows this truth and has created an album designed for healing of those who are grieving. [And p.s. the album is free. Free!]

I recently had the chance to review this soon-to-be released album, Honeycomb Tombs. Oh my, this music does well for my soul. Salve on my wounds, indeed.

Here’s what Karla says about her new album:

“The goal of this project is to create a FREE digital album that walks alongside those in the midst of grief; a collection of music, spaces, poetry and stories that can be played while you journal, take a drive, cry or nap.”

Karla Adolphe is truly one of the most talented artists I’ve heard. I became familiar with her music through the Enter the Worship Circle albums [she is the featured artist on the Chair and Microphone 3 – which is one of my favorite albums ever], and had the privilege of listening to her live last year. And I got to meet her – she is just as lovely as her music.

“I know I’m alive! Raised from the dead inside! Breaking out of honeycomb tombs… growing gardens out of my wounds.” — from the song Flying Low

The music and lyrics on this album take you to a place of healing and peace. Maybe the grief in your life and heart comes from the loss of a child or a parent, or perhaps your grief is over something less tangible, like a season in your life. Whatever you are going through, Karla’s music speaks to the heart and puts into words the feelings that you can’t.

“Our hearts broke at the same time. Torn along invisible lines. Mine was still beating, yours said goodnight.” — from the song Invisible Lines

Honeycomb Tombs is truly a gift. The music is exceptional, the lyrics life-giving. And on May 15th, it will be available to download – for free. Oh the talent and effort put into this project! And all of it, free. [Seriously, how amazing is that?!] To heal hearts and bless anyone who wants to listen. You will be blessed. Let Karla’s music pour over your grief and lead you on a journey of healing.

“If I… If I trust you, will you get me through? If I… If I trust you, will you hold the weight?” — from the song Ice Road

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