The Sew Fab e-Pattern Sale is coming to an end!

There’s just a little bit of time left in the Sew Fab e-Pattern Sale! Did you get yours yet? I still can’t believe these designers put together this awesome deal – 18 patterns for less than $25 is such a steal!

There are so many patterns that I can’t wait to try. The Commuter Cowl is the only one that I have sewn already. I made my sister one for Christmas [and, being the last minute sewist that I am, ran out of time to take any pictures]. It was such a quick and easy sew – and I just love how it looks. I have the perfect fabric picked out to make one for myself!


[picture courtesy of luvinthemommyhood]

All you boy-mamas out there should be super psyched about the Banyan shorts/pants/tee pattern from Figgy’s Patterns. [this pattern alone costs $18.95 by the way] The pants have such a unique fit to them – and all my boys’ pants have serious holes in the knees.


[picture courtesy of Figgy’s Patterns]

And seriously, how lovely and adorable are these Sidekick Suitcases? Perfect for summer vacation!

three-kids[picture courtesy of Sew Fearless]

And a maxi dress for Mama? Yes, please! This would be perfect pre- and post-baby. It looks like it would hide all the *ahem* flabbiness that also comes with a baby. I definitely do not sew enough for myself.

300[picture courtesy of Seamingly Smitten]

This doesn’t even include the five dress patterns all you girl-mamas would love. I have a few niecies who could be lucky enough to get some new dresses… ;)

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Okay for real, why haven’t you gotten the e-pattern bundle yet? I’m having such a hard time figuring out which one to sew first.

[don’t forget, the sale ends the 11th!]

And did you enter the giveaway yet? [or maybe don’t, so I can win?? kidding…kidding…]

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