What not sewing for KCW looks like…

I love Kids Clothes Week for a lot of reasons. Each time I’ve participated, I’ve had varying degrees of success. Sometimes I’ve cranked garments out and had awesome results. Other times I’ve gotten really cozy with my seam ripper.

This year I set my expectations pretty low, and while I sewed up the Study Hall Jacket [that truthfully was nearly completed before KCW began], my sewing machine sat mostly untouched.

The dropping temperatures brought colds to our house, and a baby who is itching to crawl has brought even more sleepless nights [and days]. But sewing will always be there… babies are only babies for so long.

45d776aa3ce611e392fc22000a1f9806_8 So while there hasn’t been sewing, there has been lots of coffee…7b2b64a83c1711e3aac622000ab5bc37_8Some game playing..16b5acf83b3c11e3b98522000a9e063b_8 A lot of babywearing…50f1a5283a6c11e3a62222000ab685c6_8More coffee…97687508381f11e3a93822000ae9025c_8

Baby snuggles…b20abb503d9211e39da122000a9e28e0_8And notes that make it all worth it.

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