The project that took a year to finish… or actually an afternoon.


Over a year ago, I posted about my ridiculously brown and boring living room. Complete with this gem of a photo:

boring brown living room

I was full-on nesting and preparing for baby number four to enter our lives. Then I realized I was nine months pregnant and a mom to three other little kids and sewing curtains just didn’t sound like fun. Well, that baby is now 11months old, and….. I just now made those curtains.

DSC_0986Such a nice change, though, right??


Honestly, sewing curtains is still not fun to me. It’s kind of boring sewing… lots of pressing and sewing in a straight line for.e.ver. But the result is totally worth it, because my room is at least not totally brown anymore. An afternoon very well-spent!

I also bought that lampshade to try and un-brown the room. It only helped a little. I’d love to paint the walls and slipcover our couches [did you see what Jodi did to the exact.same.chair? gorgeous!], but I don’t think I have the patience to make them.

I was getting to the point where I hated walking into our living room. The curtains were making me angry. Now my curtains make me happy. Which is so much better. :)


So, lesson learned: don’t wait a year to finish a project that you know is going to change how you feel about your home. Especially if it’s the place you spend 90% of your time. Okay 95%.

Oh and hey…. did you see this announcement?? Um, hold me. I’m nervously excited – and I’m up against some seriously talented ladies. I’ll be showing some sneaky peeks over on Instagram when I have them, so I’d love it if you’d follow me over there and give me some words of encouragement [or, you know, give me something to read while I’m frantically sewing late into the night….]

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  1. Those curtains are lovely, I have a similar problem with my lounge room. All beige and totally bland.

  2. SEEMS LIKE YOU’RE SO PROUD of your new curtains. . . I think the floral brightly colored print brings an added stylish “look” to your living room! We have NO curtains, but huge blinds up 2 stories in our living room so we get plenty of sunshine all year ’round, even during winter. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  3. Why do we always wait so long for those easy projects? I too am guilty of the “why didn’t I do this sooner” gasp. The curtain color is so pretty! And it’s amazing, but it totally brightens up the room. I have some curtains in our main room that are nice and I like (I made them and of course it took months to get my butt in gear), but recently I decided they make an already dark room have even more lighting issues. I’d really like to update them and now seeing yours is pushing me over the edge :)

  4. It really brightens up the room! I can see why it makes you happy. I hate sewing curtains as well. So much even that I am never going to make any ever again.

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