10 Signs You’re a Sewing Mama…

Are you a sewing mama? If at least seven out of ten of these apply to you, I think your answer is yes!

10 signs you're a sewing mama

1. Your kids learned their colors by sorting through your button collection.


2. Baby’s first word was fabric.

3. You regularly forget to keep the family in clean socks, but you have no problem remembering to wash the fabric.

4.Your kids ask “Are these for fabric or paper?” before using a pair of scissors.


5. You can’t make it to the fabric store, so you dig through your husband’s closet for shirts to use instead.

6. The baby practices his pincer grasp by picking up teeny tiny threads off the carpet.


7. You get regular exercise….someecards.com - I don't often do sprints, but when I do, it's because I hear my two-year-old at my sewing machine.

8. Your family is used to eating with piles of fabric and patterns around the kitchen table.

9. Your kids think it’s normal to stop mid-play to have a fitting.


10. Your kids get more excited to point out the fabric store when you’re in the car than a fast food play place.

So what’s your score? What’s your sign that you’re a sewing mama? Leave it in the comments. :)

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  1. My score is a 4. Others on my list would be: my kids know the difference between a quilt and a blanket, my toddler gets really excited when she sees the huge scissors hanging from the ceiling at JoAnns, my baby pooped thread, entertainment in the sewing room is stacking empty spools and playing with the pins and magnetic pin holder.

  2. CLEVER statements for your “10 Signs You’re a Sewing Mama” . . . creative, INDEED! I laughed and smiled at several statements. Although I’m not in this category, as my 2 sons are adults, I can “identify” with several. One I could add is: Picking straight pins off the wood floor so no one would step on them! Thanks for posting & sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  3. My score is a 6. My little girl loves the fabric store but my boy dreads being dragged in there. They actually did learn colors by going through my buttons!

  4. too funny! I was calling Anne the other day and she turns to her friend and says “hang on…I need to go try something on”. Turns out I didn’t need her for a fitting but that’s what she assumed :)

  5. We get a 3… but laughing about the big scissors… my daughter referenced it as the store with the big scissors for a few years… and they LOVE to go there.

  6. Oh this is so funny! I scored 5. When my 3 y.o. comes fabric shopping with me she heads straight to the remands bin. She loves buttons nearly as much as ice cream. She refers to my sewing room as ‘Dress Room’. She knows how to use a measuring tape. She knows how to turn my sewing machine on (hence I always unplug it). She knows the big scissors are mummy’s.

  7. I got 7/10. I would add the employees at the cutting counter know you and your children by name. Your two-year-old son “drives” your Clover Wonder clips around on the floor like cars. Or your three-year-old daughter assumes you sew everyone’s clothing. Ha!

  8. Haha number 9 is so true. And even though my 3 year old confirms her blunt end scissors are paper scissors not fabric scissors before she cuts …start ’em young! I would add anytime my kids get a new article of clothing they always ask who made it for them, even if it came out of a Target bag. -Rachel

  9. Your tape measure is your toddler’s favorite toy… so you own a dozen of them because the toddler keeps losing it! That was true for all three of mine. And when your 12 month old submits happily to being measured….

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