DIY Monogrammed Drinking Glasses


Do you have a man in your life who is tricky to shop for? Yeah, me too. In thinking about what to get my husband for Father’s Day, I decided to get him a nice set of drinking glasses (since all of ours have broken… I’ll let you take a guess as to how that might happen in our house. ;) That seemed a little bit… simple. So I wanted to crank it up a notch and add a monogram. It turned out to be super easy! These monogrammed drinking glasses would make a perfect gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays… even teacher gifts!

DIY Monogrammed Drinking Glasses

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dsc_0684Awhile back, I was sent this great set of Martha Stewart paints and stencils like these that I used for this project. I remembered that in that set was some Martha Stewart Glass Etch Cream.


The process is really simple, though I would suggest practicing first, before using the item that you want to gift to someone.

DSC_02641. Stick the adhesive stencil to the glass surface.


2. Apply the etching cream evenly. After taking this picture, I added a little more to even it out a bit.


3. Leave it on for 15 minutes – don’t do less than that. Then rinse the cream off completely and peel off the sticker.

**Edited to add: after using these glasses for a few months, I’d recommend washing them several times before gifting them, if possible. The monograms look much smoother after a few washings!

**Another edit: after years of use, the monogram outlasted the glasses themselves! They never wore off – the glasses broke before the monograms ever even flaked. A very inexpensive but high end looking result!


This was so easy, I now want to glass etch all.the.things.

DSC_0281Cheers to all the dads this Father’s Day!

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  1. HOW SIMPLE –TO ETCH A GLASS WITH MARTHA STEWART GLASS ETCH CREAM! I thought I’d be reading a step-by-step series of directions for monogrammed drinking glasses . . . NO! Thanks for this EASY tutorial. I’m ready to show to a couple women friends. Sarah in Minneapolis

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