Handmade DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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I’ve taken a couple years off of handmade gifts, but this year feels like the year to bring back the tradition of some DIY Christmas gifts under the tree! I’ve gathered a few of my favorite tutorials from my site, in case you’re looking to make some handmade gifts of your own this year. There are ideas for the whole family here, so bust out your sewing machine and your craft supplies, and get making those gifts for Christmas!

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Handmade Gifts for the Ladies:

Here are some handmade gifts that your mom, sister, or kid’s teacher are sure to love!

  1. Boxy zipper pouch — toss in your fave lipgloss or a gift card
  2. DIY all natural perfumes — throw in that zipper pouch with some lip balm
  3. Pencil or Make-up pouch — add some Sharpie pens (my personal fave) or some clean makeup
  4. Beanie hat — hand knit a scarf to match if you’re good on the needles
  5. Leather bottom tote — add a book or two (visit my Amazon storefront for some of my faves)
  6. Essential oil travel case — grab a beginner Starter Kit for an oil newbie
  7. Painted planter — add some succulents or a Plant Lady T-shirt or print
  8. Infinity scarf — pair this with the beanie hat!

Handmade Gifts for the Kids:

Here are some handmade gift ideas that your kiddos will love!

  1. Shield and Sword set — think safe, won’t hurt anyone sword fighting ;)
  2. LEGO minifig carrier — grab some minifigures to pair with this!
  3. Teddy Bear Jacket — this is designed for 16in. teddy bears (give or take) and would be great to pair with a bear like this one
  4. Naturally dyed playdough — pair it with some playdough tools
  5. Color wheel matching game
  6. Newborn hat (and make some matching pants!)
  7. Trading card carrier — got kids that are obsessed with Pokemon like mine??
  8. LEGO lunch box — this one, of course, would pair well with a LEGO kit!
  9. Snake softie — how fun would this be to gift with an explorer’s set? My kids have this one and love it!
  10. Indoor hopscotch mat — perfect for when you’re stuck inside for winter, gift this one with our favorite indoor pogo jumper to encourage exercise!

Handmade Gifts for Men:

I’ll admit I haven’t made a lot of handmade gifts for my hubby or the other men in my life, so I only have a few tutorials to share.

  1. Leather notebook cover — add a nice notebook and pens (again, have I mentioned my love for Sharpie pens??)
  2. Monogrammed drinking glasses — perfectly pairs with a bottle of their favorite spirits
  3. Reversible mouse pad — gift this one with some noise cancelling headphones (because work at home life is loud ;) or a wireless mouse

If you’re not up for DIY this year, be sure to check out my Amazon storefront for lots of gift ideas or head over to my shop to find lots of ready to ship gifts or digital prints to print + frame yourself.

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