Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 2: DIY Shield and Sword Set

Welcome back to day two of Handmade Gifts for Boys! Stacey and I both have tutorials to share with you for your boy-gifting needs! Today I’ve got a super easy tutorial for boys who love to act out David and Goliath or pretend to be a Knight of the Round Table.




  • Felt (you could also use fleece)
  • Polyfill

1. Cut two sword shapes out of felt – 4.5 x 12.5in.


2. Put the two pieces together and sew along the outside and then sew a straight line down the center, not quite sewing to the end of the sword. Stuff with polyfill, leaving at least 1/2 inch unstuffed.


3. Cut two handles out of felt – see the picture for dimensions that I used.



4. Sew the two handle pieces separately to the end of the sword. By sewing them only to the sword pieces and not to each other, it helps the sword to not be quite as floppy.


5. Sew the two handle pieces together, sewing 1/4in. over the stitching you just did onto the sword and leaving the end of the sword open.


6. Stuff the handle with polyfill and stitch the end closed.DSC_0688

7. Cut two shield shapes out of felt – 13.5 x 10.5in.


8. Cut a small rectangle for the handle – 2 x 6.5in.


9. Sew the handle to the back of the shield with two small rectangles of stitching.


10. Sew whatever design you want to the front of the shield.DSC_0720

11. Put the two shield pieces wrong sides together and stitch around the shield, leaving the bottom open.DSC_0723

12. Stuff with polyfill and stitch closed.


If you have older kids, this is a super easy project that they could tackle themselves. It would be a great gift for them to make their younger siblings, cousins, or friends!

Then watch your favorite little boy win the battle of a lifetime! And bonus: when he whacks his baby brother, it probably won’t hurt, because it’s basically a big giant pillow!


And when he gets wounded in battle, you get to rescue him :)


Adding these to our dress-up bin will be perfect for all the good vs. evil action that happens around here. They’re so quick and easy to make that you can make them for all the little boys on your Christmas list!

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