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With four littles at home, date night out is a rarity. So when it happens, I need to get my CUTE on! I want to wear heels and something beyond the usual jeans and T-shirt. I want to look good for my guy! When the adorable and amazingly talented Katy of Wild + Wanderful asked me to join in on her Wear to Where series, my Date Night Out look came together in my mind.Wear to Where Date Night Outfit

This series is awesome – fashion and sewing bloggers sharing their looks for different occasions like date night out, sunday brunch, tailgating, and a bunch of others. Seriously, so FUN! I love seeing all the different looks, both handmade and ready-to-wear.

wear to where if only they would nap

I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with this outfit. Am I allowed to say that if I made it? Well, it’s true. I am.DSC_2209 copy
The top is the Lane from Shwin Designs that Shauna was so generous to send my way. The pattern is fantastic and the fabric is amazing. I snagged it from the remnant section of Jo-Ann’s, and it’s PERFECT for date night. Sheer = sexy.

DSC_2109 copy

I only made one slight modification to the sleeve,  elastic at the hem. I love how it turned out! The pattern is so perfect for date night, the way it flows.

DSC_2094 copy

I didn’t have quite enough fabric for the whole top, and I thought it would be fun to do a contrast back. The black is a sheer knit fabric, and ohmygoodness the contrast turned out exactly how I pictured it!

DSC_2227 copy

Let’s talk about jeans. JEANS! I’ve made a couple pairs of jeans so far (see them here and here), and I just hadn’t gotten the perfect fit yet. So I decided to start from scratch and make my own pattern.

DSC_2078 copy copy

And they are nearly completely perfect. [insert ridiculous girly squeal here]

DSC_2211 copy

The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and it has great recovery. I can wear them all day and they still fit great, unlike some of my previous jeans. I think I’m finally ready to step into the world of pay-through-the-nose denim, which I think will give me jeans that I really, really love.

DSC_2197 copy

And there I go, putting my booty on the internet again… but a pair of jeans that makes your butt look good is important!

DSC_2186 copy

I’ll definitely be perfecting this pattern so that I can make more.

DSC_2235 copy

If I can go out with my hubby and wear jeans and heels, it’s a good night. Now all we need is a babysitter… which may actually be more challenging than making well-fitting jeans. ;)
DSC_2241 copy

Be sure to head over to Wild+Wanderful or Gardening in High Heels to check out the other brilliant bloggers, sewists and stylistas on the tour, as well as be able to link up your own looks and show us what you would Wear to Where!

Now let’s talk giveaway prizes for this tour!!
For the sewists:
Choice of 3 patterns from Cole’s Creations, Choice of 3 patterns from Made for Mermaids, Pattern of choice from Patterns for Pirates, Pattern of choice from Scientific Seamstress, Sewing-tee of choice from Sewing Stadium, Pattern of choice from Simple Life Pattern Co, Pattern of choice from StitchArt

For the Fashionistas: Set of 6 cards from Designs by Nicolina, 30 minute Social Media/Copy Consult by Gardening in High Heels, Tee of choice from Handmade Escapade, $20 Store Credit from Jenny Penny Designs, Tumbler from Joy+Tren

A big thanks to our amazing sponsors!
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Handmade Escapade | Jenny Penny Designs | Joy+Tren
Made for Mermaids | Patterns for Pirates | Scientific Seamstress
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  1. Shut up. You just made your own jeans pattern? I envy you so much!!!
    I ADORE this outfit. And now I am totally convinced I need that top from Schwin Designs. How fun that there were two fabulous ladies today that had this same pattern…for two different looks? Sign me up!

  2. What a cute outfit! We also never get out for date nights :( and I have a boring office job in Washington, DC… So I will predictably say that I’m looking fwd to the office issue of “Wear to Where.” Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I bow down! Everything looks ready-to-wear but custom tailored to you. Amazing! I love the top – the sheer fabric with the color block back is genius and your jeans look perfect already (I can only image how you could possibly take them to the next level). Yay for jeans that make your booty look good and feel good!

  4. The top is so pretty, I love the panel at the back, you’d never know you did it because you ran out of the sheer fabric! I CANNOT believe that you made these jeans, Jess. The fit is incredible! You are one talented lady!

  5. Cute outfit. I’ve been debating on getting that pattern since it came out. I think I just need to do it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the holiday party look as I’m hoping my hubby and I will actually be able to go to his this year.

  6. I LOVE the lane top too! Yours is great! I’m so excited about this whole series! Love the date night looks – now that I’m a mom of 4, it’s hard to pull myself together for date night!

  7. You MADE those jeans?! That is AMAZING. I have a similar pair of grey Jones New York jeans that are really comfy — and I’ve heard good things about the (more expensive but apparently worth it) NYDJ brand.

    Also, I love that shirt you made, especially the contrasting back! :)

  8. This entire outfit is just amazing! I love the color on you, and WOAH, go mama, you made your own jeans pattern! That is just. amazeballs!

  9. This is amazing! The whole outfit looks so good one you. The jeans look really professional and the top is sheer and flowy yet doesn’t look like a tent on you either. Excellent work :)

  10. Love love love this outfit! Seriously cute. Love your addition of elastic on the sleeves. I haven’t quite dared to tackle jeans yet but I’m going to have to bite the bullet soon – these are great!

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