Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Now that it’s warming up here in Wisconsin, my kiddos and I are enjoying all the wildlife and plants that are popping up around us! I made a couple free printable nature scavenger hunts for us to do together and to share with you! There are two different scavenger hunts – one with words and one with pictures, so all ages can enjoy the fun!

I had no sooner printed the nature scavenger hunts out than my boys had snatched them up and taken them into the backyard. We live in the woods, but you can use these scavenger hunts in your city neighborhood too. If you look closely, you’re bound to find these items anywhere!

DSC_5925 copy

They worked together to find items that were a little tricky for this time of year and knew exactly where to find others. It was a great teamwork exercise! These scavenger hunts aren’t geared toward any particular season, so they work well throughout the year.

DSC_5689 copy

Nature scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage your kiddos to spend some time outside in nature. Even though all my boys can read, they all had a great time using both scavenger hunts – pictures and words!

DSC_5718 copy

Grab your free nature scavenger hunt printables in my shop

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I know we’ll use these nature scavenger hunt printables again when we go on a hike. If you print and use them with your kiddos, be sure to leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram!

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