Combined sewing and office space

Combined Sewing Room and Office Space


There are a lot of things I love about the house we moved to a little over two years ago, and one of those things is that I have a sewing room again! This room gets some of the best natural light in the house and serves multiple purposes. We have a bed for guests, my sewing machines and supplies, and I also have an office space. I’m no stranger to sewing in a shared space, but the set up I have going on right now is almost ideal for what I need these days. I’m enjoying it so much that I thought you might enjoy it also. :)

Combined sewing and office space
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Over the years and through multiple houses, my sewing space has looked different – in a finished basement, in an unused bedroom, in our bedroom, in the unfinished basement, in another unused bedroom… and now it’s probably the best set up I’ve had yet.

You can see the sewing space I shared with our bedroom in our first home here.

Since this room needs to serve several purposes, I had to be creative in how I set up the furniture. I have two long tables – one holds all my sewing machines and the other serves as a desk and a cutting table.

I put my desk/cutting table under the window so that when I sit here for creating videos for my membership, I can have great natural light. I also get great light on the table for any sewing tutorials I want to create. And behind my desk is the hutch I got from my grandmother that holds all my books. (Okay, obviously this isn’t all my books… we have a LOT of books. ;)

Opposite my desk is my sewing table. I’ve got my three working machines, plus my vintage machine that currently isn’t in working condition. The small stools stack nicely, so if my kids want to come in and work alongside me, I can pull them apart. The bins underneath the table are for scrap and felt fabrics that my kids can use anytime.

I picked up these thread holders on different thrifting trips, and am so glad to finally have them up on the wall! Functional and pretty. :)

Not pictured is the other half of the room… a bed for guests, a printer that sits on top of drawers with sewing patterns and office supplies, and a closet that holds all my fabric and sewing notions.

I’m so happy with how this room turned out, and it has been especially nice to have a sunny space to work this winter!


Tables (mine are 63in. and white)
Hutch and small dresser are vintage

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