Easiest way to make a Pillowcase (a DIY tutorial!)

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One of the simplest ways to change up the look of a room is by changing out the pillows. And this is the easiest way to make a new pillowcase! All you need is a tablecloth or a duvet cover. You can do this with any fabric, but upcyling will make it a super quick project.

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I made three pillows from a linen tablecloth I found in the Target clearance (SO much cheaper than linen fabric!) and a duvet cover from IKEA clearance. I cut, sewed, and added snaps on all three within about 30 minutes… 45 if you count the fight I got in with my serger before giving up and using my regular sewing machine. 😉 Raid your closet for old tablecloths or duvet covers, hit up the Target clearance endcaps, or scour the thrift store shelves. I love finding unique and inexpensive fabric sources this way!


  • Tablecloth (rectangle or square is ideal) or other fabric (check the clearance section for inexpensive tablecloths, duvet covers, cloth shower curtains, etc to upcycle)
  • Sewing machine or serger
  • Thread, scissors, etc.
  • Pinking shears for finishing raw edges if needed
  • Snaps/snap pliers OR buttons (I highly recommend KAM snaps and pliers!)

How to make upcycled pillowcases:

1. Cut out fabric in desired size. You can make these pillows in ANY size to fit any existing pillow form. These pillows are designed to fit over a pillow, not stuffed, so keep that in mind.

To keep this project quick and easy, use the hemmed edge of your tablecloth. Fold the fabric (right sides together) so you have two layers BEFORE cutting, so you can also use the folded edge.

2. Line up the hemmed edge and clip/pin the right sides of the fabric together.

*Using the hemmed edge or the fold isn’t necessary, it just makes the project faster. If you’re using regular fabric and not upcycling, you’ll want to hem this edge at the end. Make sure you factor this extra fabric in when cutting though!

3. Serge or zigzag stitch the two sides, leaving the hemmed edges open.

4. Finish the edges with a pinking shears (or your desired method) to prevent fraying. If you use a serger, this isn’t necessary.

5. Turn pillowcase right side out. Add snaps using a snap press or add buttonholes/buttons. You want your snaps to face OUT when your pillowcase is right side out and laying flat.

*The pillowcase I made from a duvet cover already had snaps along one side. This made it even faster! I just made sure to use that edge when I cut out the fabric.

6. Snaps should close when the edge is folded over, so snaps are hidden inside. If you’re using buttons, make sure to attach the buttons so that they also are hidden inside.

That’s it! Now you can make simple and easy pillowcases for every season. Pair it with a cozy blanket like this one from Target (which is seriously the softest blanket of all time!) and you’ve got an easy swap for your seasonal decor!

Happy sewing!

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