Grippy Slippers

Our house is full of wood floors.  Pair that with a nearly walking ten-month-old and a Wisconsin winter, and you have a serious need for grippy slippers.

I saw these slippers over at The Creative Maven.  I knew they were the answer to the cold feet problem.  She has a great tutorial that I followed for the most part (though I ended up putting elastic all around the opening, because my little man kept wiggling his feet out of the slippers).

I also added this anti-skid fabric (like you see on the bottom of footie pajamas).

The slippers are fleece with a little felt lightning – appropriate for my super fast little dude.

Just when you think baby feet can’t get any cuter.

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  1. Awesome! I don’t know if you saw my updated post… but Cheri at I Am Momma used puff paint on the bottom of some socks to make them “grippy” – I thought that was a darn good solution too! Good to know about the anti-slip fabric though – I’ll have to look for it!

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