Simple T-Shirt Fix

I am a T-Shirt girl.  I tend to have a pretty boring wardrobe, especially when I am at home with the boys during the day.  I like to be comfy and be able to play on the floor with them.  So I wear a lot of T-Shirts [read: pretty much every day].

So a plain green Tee got a couple little flowers, just to make some of my T-Shirt days a little more fun.

I intentionally used fabric that would fray, and messily sewed them onto the shirt.  I like that some of the stitches missed the flower fabric …. even if that wasn’t intentional!

I tried to get some decent shots of myself wearing this shirt, but every one looks awkward…. mostly because of the belly that is starting to stick out, because there’s a baby growing in there!

Baby number three will be making his or her appearance in August!  So expect lots more baby sewing, as well as some maternity clothes.  After two pregnancies, I need some new threads!
make it wear it

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