good enough.

so here’s the honest truth…

i didn’t make any fancy, cutesy homemade valentines.

i didn’t make my kids any valentine’s day shirts.

i didn’t make grandiose plans for a romantic evening with my hubby.

i didn’t buy one ounce of valentine candy.


i’m going to shower my loves with hugs and kisses.

i’m going to give my boys simple [from a box] valentines – from a post-valentine clearance sale last year.

i’m going to celebrate my hubby’s birthday [yes, he’s a valentine’s day baby!] with a homemade dinner – and the sound of our boys laughing, crying, and [inevitably] whining will be our ambiance.

i’m going to wipe butts, noses, and countertops. just like every other day.

i’m not going to receive any gifts, except a day spent with the four guys i love the most and a heart that is full.

and all of that is good enough for me. more than good enough, really. it’s perfect.

happy valentine’s day, friends. :) spend it with the ones you love.

“We love because he first loved us.”
1 John 4:19

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