Luke Skywalker Costume Tutorial

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This weekend I wore jeans and a sweater, which can only mean one thing… it’s fall! And that means that we need to start thinking of costumes! For the third year in a row, I’m participating in the Handmade Costume Series at The Train to Crazy.

handmade-costumes-third-annualThis year, I decided not to ask my almost six-year-old what he wanted to be for Halloween [gasp!], but instead make something that I knew he would like – as a surprise. Luckily for me, it was a win!

luke skywalker costume tutorial

Because how can Luke Skywalker not be a win?

Let’s make one for your little Star Wars lover, shall we?


  • Blank Slates Cool Cardigan Pattern – affiliate link [you can certainly make this without it – if you have another cardigan pattern or if you use one of your little one’s cardigans to draft your own pattern, but you may have to alter yours slightly, since mine is based on this pattern]
  • Ivory, Tan, and Brown knit fabric
  • Scissors, thread, sewing machine/serger


1. Trace and cut out two sleeves – extend the sleeve about 4.5in. and cut straight from the armpit, instead of tapering at the end. *I used the size six, so if you use a smaller size, you may want to alter these numbers*

2. Trace and cut out the back of the cardigan, extending the back about 8in.

3. Cut one front piece, extending about 8in.


4. Cut the other front piece – extend the side seam (from the armpit) 8in. Then cut the bottom to the same width as the back piece. As you cut down the diagonal for the front piece, continue down toward the bottom [see step five before you cut all the way down!]


5. Cut straight up from the bottom a few inches. Your diagonal cut will meet up with this straight side.

6. Sew the shoulder seams together with right sides together [RST]

7. Cut out the “button band” in the same ivory fabric. With RST, sew the “button band” beginning at the long diagonal of the front piece, going all the way around to the short diagonal of the other front piece.DSC_0794

8. Fold the raw edge under 1/4in. and fold the button band over. Pin all along the button band, then topstitch it down.

9. With RST, sew the side seam front piece with the short diagonal [sewing from the armpit down to the bottom]


10. Pin the opposite side seam, tucking the “button band” in between the two pieces. Sew together. This will make that button band go diagonally across the body.

11. Sew on the sleeves.

12. Turn the shirt right side out and topstitch down the button band, attaching it to the smaller front piece behind it, where they overlap. Trim away the excess fabric underneath the button band.

13. Hem the sleeves and the bottom.


14. Cut the waistband piece out of brown fabric. With RST, sew the short ends together. Turn the tube right side out. Fold the long raw edges under 1/2in. and press. This waistband piece is now the belt – pull it over the shirt and topstitch it near where the button band meets the side seam [you may want to try the shirt on your child to figure out exactly where you want it].

15. Sew pants – I sewed some quick knit pants, which you could easily do following my baby pants or rockstar pants tutorials. You could also use store-bought pants and add these “boots” to the bottom.


16. Cut two “boots” – the fabric should be the width of your pant legs and go up 3/4 to the knee [mine were about 12.5in x 6.5in. when folded]. Sew up the long side. As with the belt, fold the top and bottom raw edges 1/2in. under and press. Pull them over the pant legs and topstitch down.


And once your little Jedi tries it on, he’ll immediately transform into Luke Skywalker, sound effects and all.

Luke Skywalker Costume Tutorial 3And every Jedi needs a lightsaber…


You can find the lightsaber tutorial here.


Oh how we love dress up at our house!

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