Handmade Gifts for Boys: lego lunchboxes [for on-the-go building!]

It probably won’t surprise you when I say that my boys love LEGOs. And I’m a big fan of anything that keeps them occupied for hours! With holiday road trips on the horizon, I came up with a way to take them along and give us some entertainment in the car that doesn’t involve the DVD player or a tablet. A travel lego box! I used a lunch box, but you can use any small container that closes.

Lego Lunch boxes // If Only They Would Nap

This is pretty simple, and probably doesn’t even need a real how-to, but I’ll give it to you anyway, just in case it’s not clear.

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Find a box that closes with a lid. You could also use an empty baby wipes container or anything with an attached lid. These plastic pencil boxes that snap closed would be a great option. I found some sweet old school style super hero lunch boxes on Target clearance that I knew my boys would love. And since we homeschool, we don’t have much use for lunchboxes.. ;)

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Cut a LEGO Building Plate to fit the top of your lunchbox. I used regular non-sewing scissors to cut it, nothing fancy. Glue it in place – I used Mod Podge, but that’s only because that’s all I could find in my house. Just make sure that whatever you use, don’t use too much, because you don’t want it to seep out from under the building plate. Hold it in place for a few minutes and then let it dry fully overnight before using it.
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My boys are going to get these along with a little LEGO kit, which really makes an inexpensive gift. And if you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you’ve probably come to know I have an extreme thrifty side! *A reader suggested glueing felt inside the lunchbox so the legos wouldn’t be so noisy – such a great idea!*

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LEGO + Superheros = win!

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  1. This is inspired! Tagging this for future grandkids! BUT… my 12 year old daughter is making the pillowcase for big brother who is a huge Spidey fan!

  2. What a neat idea! I definitely need to make my son one of these Lego lunchboxes. There are Legos scattered all over the back seat and floorboard of my car! Now, do you have any tricks to make him actually put the Legos in the box?

  3. This is the BEST blog post I’ve seen all week!!! LOVE all your ideas….let’s hear it for the boys! Momma to 8, 20, & 25yrs old ones here….and grandma to 2yr old and another boy on the way!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  4. I would like to add the suggestion of lining that metal box with felt… I know I know, at least a third of the fun would be shaking the box to make noise. But I just wanted to throw it out there :)

  5. Went all-out and superglued a collage of flat pieces to the lid for my nephew, BUT the lid won’t close! I glued them too close to the edges. Don’t be like me! Make sure that when you’re done the lid will close.

  6. Great idea. Simple but effective. As a modification, put a small box inside the lunchbox to hold the lego so there is plenty of space for sarnies, fruit and crisps. This makes it the perfect gift for grown-up, office-bound lego fanatics! A bit of theraputic building during lunch break. My son (2 1/2) is going to make one for his lego-genius uncle (50+) ;-)

  7. CLEVER and PRACTICAL idea of Legos in a lunchbox to keep imaginations sparked when traveling in the car. I’d love to open the lunchbox & build, but I’m usually the driver as we travel. Suggestion: keep a large zip-lock baggie for Legos & add the count in permanent marker, so kids can make sure the pieces are accounted for, like: 46. Thanks for sharing! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  8. I LOVE IT! My 4-year-old ALWAYS wants Legos in the car. I am SO going to try getting this done tomorrow for a day trip the next day! Genius!!

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