No-Sew Vintage Sheet Bunting Tutorial


I’m in the process of de-brown-ing my living room, and part of that includes adding some new wall art. So I threw together a quick bunting out of a vintage sheet that took about five minutes – no sewing involved!

All you need is some fabric (I used a vintage sheet that I thrifted, but of course you can use any fabric you have on hand), some twine or string, and some fabric glue or mod podge.


1. Fold your fabric and draw a triangle with chalk on the fold.


2. Cut out the triangles – I cut four to fit my frame, but you can cut as many or as few as you’d like.


3. Place the fabric over the string and apply the glue. I used Liquid Stitch (affiliate link), but you could also use Mod Podge (affiliate link) or whatever you have on hand.


4. Then just fold over the fabric and press together.


5. Repeat with all the other triangles to create your bunting!


You can hang the bunting on its own or put it in an empty frame like I did. I just taped the string to the back of the frame.

I used it as the starting point for a big gallery wall in my living room, which I’ll share with you later! A little bit of vintage fabric love on my wall makes me happy. :)

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