Gifts for Teen Boys (Low Tech!)

The other day, I was talking with someone about gifts for my teen boys, and the answer was the same as it always is: technology. Screens, devices, games… that’s all anyone seems to suggest anymore. And while we aren’t anti-tech, I knew I needed to come up with gifts for teen boys that had nothing to do with technology! Because in a world that pushes tech, we need to fight for our kids to stay grounded in the things that don’t keep them tied to a screen.

gifts for teen boys
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Low Tech Gifts for Teen Boys

  1. Experiences – I absolutely love going places with my teens! And gifting them a fun experience is a great way to spend time together, but also an excellent gift idea. They appreciate and can look forward to outings a bit more than young kids can, so the anticipation of an upcoming event to attend is FUN! Some experience gift ideas:
  • concerts
  • plays
  • sporting events
  • a shopping day
  • a weekend in a different city
  • a water park
  • a family trip
  • cooking, art, or acting class
  • private lessons (sports, music, personal training, etc.)

2. Sports equipment – If your teens play sports, getting new equipment can really up their game. And since it can sometimes cost $$$ it can mean a lot to get an upgrade!

3. Membership to an athletic club, climbing gym, museum, etc.

4. Season pass to a ski hill or water park

5. Subscription to a magazine, favorite facial or hair care, book of the month, Audible or Kindle (I know, technically this is tech, but I’m adding it anyway). If there’s something they enjoy, you can probably find a subscription related to it!

6. Large household games – something the whole family can play!

7. Cozy lounge clothes – my teens looooove comfy clothes. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and athletic pants are a big hit.

8. Board games – my teen boys love to play board games! Here are a few of their favorites:

9. Cozy blankets – again with the cozy, comfy blankets are never a bad choice.

10. Books – if you don’t know what books your teen wants, give a gift card to Amazon (which they can spend on used books, stretching the gift card), a local bookstore, Half Price books, or Thrift Books (if you sign up for Thrift Books Reading Rewards and spend $30, you get a free book credit!)

11. Candy – but not just any candy, go for the better-for-you candy so that they can have a fun treat, but not fill their bodies with the yuck that comes in most candy

12. Journals – give your teens space to write or draw out their prayers and feelings

13. Drawing materials

  • sketchpads
  • nice water colors or oil paints
  • drawing pencils
  • art set

14. Food – what teen boy doesn’t love to eat??

  • cookbooks for learning to make recipes
  • their favorite snack foods
  • gift cards to ice cream, coffee shop, or favorite restaurant

15. Camping supplies – even if your kids aren’t super outdoorsy, camping supplies can be fun to use with their friends, to take on a family trip, or just for hiking on their own or with a group

16. Travel gear – if you know your family or your teen has any upcoming trips, travel gear is a great gift. Plus, these can carry into their adult years!

  • travel toiletry bag
  • suitcase
  • nice backpack for trips

17. Tools – even if your boys aren’t big on building, all my boys like having their own tool set to fix things in their room, hang up a picture, or even just help out when someone asks for a Philips head screwdriver. A good multi-tool is great for teen drivers to keep in the car too.

18. Hammock – my teens love to hang out in our hammock to read or just relax outside.

19. Gift cards – perfect for the teen who is hard to buy for

20. Cash – also never a bad idea for kids who are saving up for a big purchase or just want a little spending money

Looking for other gift ideas? Head to the GIFTS page to see my recommendations for everyone on your list.

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