Embroidery hoop snowman

This super cute and ridiculously easy Embroidery Hoop Snowman will make a great addition to your home this Christmas/winter season! Need a last minute gift? You can whip this up in just a few minutes! I always get a little bummed when we put away the holiday decor, but winter lasts basically forever in Wisconsin, … Continue reading Embroidery hoop snowman

No-Sew Vintage Sheet Bunting Tutorial

I'm in the process of de-brown-ing my living room, and part of that includes adding some new wall art. So I threw together a quick bunting out of a vintage sheet that took about five minutes - no sewing involved! All you need is some fabric (I used a vintage sheet that I thrifted, but … Continue reading No-Sew Vintage Sheet Bunting Tutorial

A repurposed handmade costume

I didn't have it in me to make two costumes this year [without going a little bit insane], so I knew that this year, Luke Skywalker would be walking alongside whatever we could find in the dress up bin. tutorial found here Of course, my plan to have my 3yo be Darth Vader was thwarted by … Continue reading A repurposed handmade costume

Cuff Bracelet Tutorial: Because She’s Worth it!

When thinking about what kind of bracelet or zipper pouch tutorial I wanted to share with you as part of the She's Worth it Campaign, the very first thing that came to mind was a simple cuff bracelet. Natural fibers, easy to make, and one that requires little to no sewing skills. Supplies Needed: felted … Continue reading Cuff Bracelet Tutorial: Because She’s Worth it!

Re-using Handmade Birthday Decorations [happy birthday, E!]

When my oldest turned three, I went on a little birthday decoration making spree. I made him a crown. I appliqued T-shirts with threes on them. I even made a no-sew birthday banner. In the past two years, there have been many birthdays, but I have yet to make anything new to add to the … Continue reading Re-using Handmade Birthday Decorations [happy birthday, E!]

Valentine Conversation Heart Garland: a Tutorial!

In the house full of boys like mine, there's not a lot of opportunity for pink. I think that's why I end up wearing pink a lot [that and my hubby once told me I look good in pink... totally bought a lot of pink shirts after that!] So, Valentine's Day is really the perfect … Continue reading Valentine Conversation Heart Garland: a Tutorial!

iPod costume: a tutorial

Um, who else just realized that it's almost Halloween?  And the homemade costume you planned on making isn't quite finished started?  But it's not too late to whip up a quick Halloween costume for you or your little one!  You may have seen me post how to make an iPod (or iPhone... or iPad) costume … Continue reading iPod costume: a tutorial

Upcycled and [Nearly] No Sew Playmat!

If you read my blog around Christmas time, you may remember my goal to have an Upcycled Christmas.  One thing that I made, but never posted pictures of, was a playmat for my boys.  Since both of them love cars, this playmat has turned out to be a winner in our house! The large gray … Continue reading Upcycled and [Nearly] No Sew Playmat!