Weather Unit Study

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My favorite way to learn about a topic with my kiddos is to do a unit study. With a wide age range (I have five kids, ages 13 down to 4), I find that literature-based unit studies work much better for us than purchasing curriculum for each child. We can work together – we read the same books, and then each child works at his own level. So when we decided to study the weather, I made a unit study for us to do together. In the study, you’ll find an extensive weather book list, hands-on activities, writing and drawing prompts, and more – for multiple ability levels PreK-6.

This unit study is designed to guide families in learning about the weather together. – no separate curriculum required for each child. You will find recommended books, suggested activities, writing prompts, learning invitations, and more. In each topic section, you will see suggestions for teaching multiple ages/ability levels.

An extensive book list (of resource, picture, and chapter books) is included, but this unit could be completed with any weather-related books you have on hand.

This unit study covers topics like:

  • types of weather
  • seasons
  • climate
  • clouds
  • water cycle
  • wind
  • extreme weather
  • meteorology

The topics are covered through books, learning invitations, writing and drawing prompts for a variety of ability levels, experiments, story baskets, sensory bins, art and poetry, and specific ideas for including children of all ages, from preschoolers to middle schoolers. I’m using these for ALL five of my kiddos – from 13 down to four.

 If you only need this for younger kids, there is a PreK-2 version too. But with the larger unit study, you can modify and adapt for your students’ ability levels easily within this family style unit. These are not your typical fill-in-the-blank, spit back the information you read worksheets!

You can also grab some of the items individually, if you don’t want the entire unit study.

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