5 easy to sew pillows

Easy to Sew Pillows


Pillows are one of the easiest items you can sew for your home. Pillows are a perfect beginner’s sewing project (for kids or adults!), they are a quick way to change out your decor, and they are a great way to save money on your home decor. Here are five easy to sew pillows you could make today!

5 easy to sew pillows

You’ll notice a theme with these pillows… easy. Another reason I love sewing pillows is because you can sew them in a short time – some of these could be sewn in 10 or 15 minutes!

Easy to sew pillows:

Easy Envelope Pillow Cover

This pillow cover doesn’t require you to add any closures at all, just sew straight lines. Use a soft sweatshirt material for the back of the pillow to add some coziness.

Easy Snap Pillowcase Tutorial

If you want to uplevel your pillowcase from an envelope – but still keep it simple – this tutorial is perfect. And it’s easy enough for beginner seamstresses!

Easy Pillow Cover from a Sweater

This upcycle is simple and doesn’t require any sewing of buttons! Grab an old sweater or even an old flannel shirt – you could even use a shirt from a loved one who has passed away.

Sweater Pillow Tutorial

I made this pillow for Christmastime, but it can be made for anytime! This pillow is not a pillow cover, but a whole pillow. You can personalize this one to your seasonal decor, or it would be super fun to make with a child’s name or initials. This pillow also upcycles a soft sweater – you can grab one from the donation bin or the thrift store.

Vintage Sheet Turned Pillow

Vintage sheets are easy to find at thrift stores, so this project is incredibly inexpensive. Or use a sheet that you have in your own closet that you don’t use anymore or that has a hole in it.

Which of these easy to sew pillows will you – or your kiddos – try first?

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