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As we head into the gift giving season, handmade gifts are a fun and inexpensive way for your kids to get involved. There are so many gifts kids can make for holiday giving! I’ve compiled a list of 10 handmade gifts kids can make that include tutorials that are easy to follow. Many of them take only basic sewing skills (by hand or with machine), but there are some non-sewing tutorials included as well!

gifts kids can make

Here are some easy handmade gifts kids can make:

Heart Pencil Toppers

These heart pencil toppers are the perfect project for a child who has begun to practice hand sewing. You could also sew them as ornaments!

Stuffed Animals

This sloth stuffie pattern can be sewn by hand or sewn with a machine. And it works great with inexpensive or upcycled fabric, like felt or old sweaters!

Charlene the Chicken pattern can be sewn as an ornament or a stuffed animal. Hand sewing or machine sewing friendly!

This free snake softie pattern is easy to make and personalize, with just simple basic sewing skills.


These easy to make light sabers are perfect for all the little Star Wars lovers!

This shield and sword set is easy to sew and perfect for pretend play!

Bean bags are fun to make, because they have endless possibilities for games! If your child is a beginner at sewing, they can skip personalizing them with names and just sew a plain bean bag.

Embroidered Wall Art

This wall art was for a craft room, but this tutorial can be easily adapted for any design.

Whether it’s a superhero, a book character, or a favorite movie, your kids can embroider an emblem or logo for wall art.

In this post you’ll find some tips and supplies to use for doing embroidery with your kids

Cowl Scarf

Infinity scarves are really simple to make. If your child can sew in a straight line, they can sew this scarf!


If your kids can sew a straight line, they can sew a pillowcase! As you can see in the photos below, pillows are easy. ;)

If your child is a slightly more confident at sewing, these two DIYs are excellent projects:

Table Runner

Table runners are great because you can make them with any fabric – for holidays, seasons, or to match decor.

Tote Bag

This tote bag sewn from a T-shirt is very simple and can be sewn by a beginner.

This simple tote requires a little skill in sewing, but is not difficult!

This extra large tote is a bit more complicated, but if your child has been sewing for a while, this is a great project to try.

Here are some non-sewing DIYs your child could make:


Naturally dyed playdough makes a great gift for young kids, and it’s simple to make. If your kids are too young to use the stove, they will need some assistance, but they can help measure, pour, and mix the ingredients.

Painted Flower Pot

Flower pots are easy to paint and personalize. You can do an indoor pot with live plants or a tin/outdoor pot with seeds and gardening supplies for a great gift.

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gifts kids can make

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