On this page you will find resources for teaching your kids to read and to support them as they continue to learn and develop over the years. Printables, tips, techniques, links to resources, book lists, and more. All these tips and resources come from my experience as a preschool and elementary teacher trained in Early Reading Intervention, plus my experience as a homeschool mom of five for the last 12+ years.

Play Your Way to Reading

A play-based literacy program for PreK-2nd graders.

Teach your child to read through play!

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Five Ways to Improve Reading comprehension

Once your kids learn how to read, you want to make sure that they aren’t just reading the words, but that they actually understand what’s happening in the story. This is called reading comprehension. If your kids can…

How to Build a Homeschool Library (and on budget!)

Building a home library doesn’t have to break your budget. I’ve built our library over years and years of teaching in the classroom and homeschooling. We buy most of our books used; I rarely leave a thrift store…

Teaching Kids Letters and Sounds

I’ve spent a LOT of time over the last 20 years teaching kids letters and sounds. Between my time teaching in the classroom and now homeschooling my own kids, I’ve picked up many different ways for kids to…

Teach Kids How to Read: the best resources, curriculum, and tips for parents

Teaching kids how to read can feel overwhelming. Whether you are homeschooling and the responsibility is solely on you or if your child is in school but needs extra support, it can feel like a lot – especially…

Create a Story Basket Learning Invitation

In my days as a kindergarten and preschool teacher, one of the things I loved was creating learning centers for my students. When I started homeschooling my kids, I wanted to bring this concept into our home. So…

Book Lists:

Books to Teach Money and Entrepreneurship

We are a book family, so anytime we want to learn about a topic, my first thought is: what books can I find about this topic? This year, we are learning a lot about money and entrepreneurship, so…

Gardening Books for Kids

One of the best things about homeschooling is that you can use your real life experiences to teach your kids – no special curriculum required! Most of our learning is centered around books in our home, and we…

Easter Books and Baskets

In our house, we celebrate Easter as the Resurrection of Jesus, but we also like to celebrate the fun of Easter baskets! We keep baskets pretty simple, as we don’t want the focus to be on the gifts….

Advent Books and Resources

As we come into the Advent season, our family uses this time to turn our hearts to Jesus and celebrating the anticipation of His arrival. And we also like to have fun with Christmas traditions and holiday fun!…

Best Fall Books for Kids

Fall is my favorite season! I like to tuck seasonal books away for most of the year and then pull them out in the appropriate season. I just pulled out our fall books and thought I’d share the…

Five Books for Homeschooling Moms to Read

If you’re a thinking about homeschooling or you’re already a homeschooling mom, you’ve probably been doing some research. You’re looking into curriculum, you’re checking out different homeschooling styles and methods, and maybe you’re taking a homeschooling course. One…

Earth Day books and a free printable

Earth Day Books for Kids and a Free Printable!

Teaching kids to care for the earth is an important part of our responsibility as parents and educators. Caring for the living things on our planet is about more than just recycling, but about stewarding the gifts we’ve…

15 Must Have Gardening Books (for beginners, homesteaders, and beyond!)

If you’re thinking about starting a garden or expanding the growing space you currently have, there are SO many great resources for gardening and homesteading out there! And while I know I can find a blog post or…

The Best Unicorn Books and Free Unicorn Coloring Pages

Happy Unicorn Day! Did you know this was a thing? Apparently it is! As a kid, I looooved unicorns (any other My Little Pony unicorn lovers??) In a house full of boys, we admittedly don’t have a lot…

Winter Books Kids Love

One of my favorite things about the changing of seasons is the books! I store seasonal books separately from the rest of our books, so it’s always so fun to pull out the new (old) books as the…

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Books we use in our homeschool

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Our favorite non-fiction books.

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